Rau Trend/Tiger Tote Road Route

Proposed Rau Trend/Tiger Tote Road Route

Proposed Rau Trend/Tiger Tote Road Route

ATAC has been active in preparing for permitting a 65 km, all-season, gated and restricted access tote road to the Rackla Gold Project to support advanced exploration activities at the Tiger Deposit. Discussions regarding access and development of the Tiger Deposit with the Na-Cho Nyak Dun First Nation (NNDFN), local communities and other interested parties has been ongoing for more than seven years. Recent meetings in March, April and June 2016 included several town meetings in Mayo, Whitehorse and Keno City to discuss the proposed tote road. NNDFN and community consultation is ongoing.

The proposed tote road would branch off the Hanson Lake Road west of Keno City and is envisioned as a gated, single-lane (5 m wide) and radio-controlled road suitable for vehicles that support advanced exploration at the Tiger Deposit and throughout the Rau Trend. The total length of the tote road would be approximately 65 km and would consist of 53 km of new road and upgrading of 12 km of pre-existing winter road.

A summary report of the March, April and June consultation events can be found in the section below.

If you have any questions or comments regarding ATAC’s proposed Tiger Tote Road Route, please email us at toteroad@atacresources.com or by phone at 604-687-2522 ext. 260.

Mayo, Keno City and Elsa Community Direct Mail

Tote Road Consultation Report July 8, 2016