Dawson Gold
(gold, VMS)

Dawson Gold



The Dawson Gold project is comprised of four separate claim blocks; Touleary, Dan Man, Green Gulch and Shamrock, where exploration has been conducted at various. Significant advancements have been made at the Touleary property and the Dan Man property.


The Dawson Gold Project is located in west-central Yukon approximately 100 km south of Dawson City, in what is now referred to as the White Gold District. The Dan Man property is adjacent to the northern boundary of Goldcorp Inc.'s recently acquired Coffee project. The Shamrock property is located on the north side of the Yukon River, approximately 5 km northwest of Kinross Gold Corporation's White Gold property.

For more information on the Dawson Gold Project, please visit Arcus Development Group Inc. at http://www.arcusdevelopmentgroup.com/s/DawsonGold.asp.

Dan Man Highlights

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  • Dan Man shares its southern property boundary with Goldcorp Inc.'s Coffee project
  • Four main zones of anomalous gold-in-soil response were found at the Bengal, Kwazulu, Kambaa and Rooibos and zones along an 8 km trend
  • Bengal Zone adjoins the northern boundary of Goldcorp Inc.'s Coffee project and hosts the strongest and largest gold-in-soil response within the property (1,800 x 500 m)
  • 10 hole diamond drill program on Kwazulu and Kambaa was completed in 2011
  • Kambaa Zone is a 900 x 200 m easterly trending gold-in-soil geochemical anomaly with soil values ranging from 12.5 to 132 ppb
  • Kambaa Zone drilling encountered structural alteration and narrow intervals of elevated gold responses (>250 ppb) in all holes with the best intersection in DM-11-03 assaying 6.29 m of 1.61 g/t gold and 4.39 m of 2.08 g/t gold
  • Kwazulu Zone encompasses a 2 km area of interest and five drill holes tested three separate structural trends with diamond drill hole DM-11-08 intersecting 1.63 g/t gold across 8.62 m within a broader alteration zone assaying 0.50 g/t gold across 35.52 m
  • Rooibos Zone consists of an 800 x 100 m gold-in-soil cluster where anomalous gold values range from 12.5 to 98 ppb

Dan Man Geology & Mineralization


The Dan Man property is located within the Yukon-Tanana Terrane (YTT). The YTT represents a continental arc that developed along the ancient Pacific margin of North America from Late Devonian to Permian. The property lies approximately 110 km southwest of the Tintina Fault.

Regional Mineralization

The Dan Property lies within the Tintina Gold Belt, which includes a broad range of gold deposit types related to Mid- and Late-Cretaceous granitic intrusions, including auriferous veins, stockworks, replacements, skarns and polymetallic lodes. The gold deposits and associated plutons collectively define a 45 million year period of arc magmatism that migrated northeasterly in a 2,000 km long band across the continental margin of North America. There are numerous mineral deposits within the Dawson Range that are associated with large scale structural features and young intrusions. The two properties that most closely resemble the setting of the Dan Man property are: Coffee (Goldcorp Inc.) and White Gold (Kinross Gold Corporation).

Dan Man Drill Results

Dan Man Drill Highlights

Zone From
DM-11-02 Kambaa 29.10 34.46 5.36 0.64
Including 29.10 30.65 1.55 1.18
DM-11-03 Kambaa 10.34 16.63 6.29 1.61
Including 12.24 16.63 4.39 2.08
DM-11-07 Kwazulu 72.54 109.78 37.24 0.22
DM-11-08 Kwazulu 21.15 56.67 35.52 0.50
Including Kwazulu 21.15 29.77 8.62 1.63
*True widths are believed to be 70 – 90% of intersected widths

Touleary Highlights

  • First volcanic massive sulphide (VMS) discovery within the White Gold District
  • Project has onsite road access
  • Drilling in 2011 targeted a 300 by 100 m area within a 1,200 m long zone of coincident geophysical and intermittent gold-in-soil geochemical anomalies – only 25% of this trend was drilled
  • In hole TL-11-05, VMS mineralization returned assays of 7.18% copper, 116 g/t silver, 3.55 g/t gold and 4.03% zinc across 2.25 m and 1.44% copper, 16.5 g/t silver, 0.77 g/t gold and 0.29% zinc across 14.15 m

Touleary Geology and Mineralization


The Dawson area, including the White Gold District is underlain by rocks of the Yukon Tanana Terrane (YTT) and is considered highly favorable for VMS style mineralization. A cluster of VMS deposits in the Finlayson District, 450 km to the southeast are hosted in the same YTT stratigraphy. Certain parts of the Dawson area and the Finlayson District are believed to have been linked as part of a concurrent back-arc/basinal environment prior to displacement along the Tintina Fault.


Host rocks at Touleary are pervasively sericitized fine tuffaceous felsic-to-intermediate volcaniclastic units with narrow intervals of weakly preserved fragmental textures. These rocks coincide with a laterally continuous linear magnetic low feature identified by a detail airborne magnetic survey completed by Arcus in the spring of 2011. This feature, although structurally offset at a number of locations, can be traced along strike from the discovery for a distance in excess of 5 km.

Sulphide mineralization within the volcaniclastic horizon(s) is dominantly pyrite and occurs as moderate to heavily disseminated concentrations and rarer semi-massive to massive bands. Much of the mineralization is coarsely recrystallized and remains roughly parallel to foliation but evidence of primary finely laminated textures has largely been destroyed. Copper mineralization is present as chalcopyrite and rarer covellite. These sulphides preferentially occur in the middle to lower portion of the felsic volcaniclaistic intervals as fine foliaform wisps, clots and aggregates plus coarsely recrystallized masses believed to be strain induced near the apex of folds.

Touleary Drill Results

TL-11-01 85.61 91.70 6.09 1.37 14.5 0.80 0.41
TL-11-02 124.00 127.17 31.7 2.38 32.9 2.01 1.38
TL-11-03 64.21 64.80 0.59 1.42 36.4 1.15 2.81
90.36 90.97 0.61 4.01 73.9 2.18 0.93
TL-11-04 93.88 106.75 12.87 0.21 7.69 0.55 --
TL-11-05 115.62 117.87 2.25 7.18 116 3.55 4.30
124.50 138.65 14.15 1.44 16.5 0.77 0.29
including 128.25 134.92 6.67 1.99 27.3 1.22 0.58

*True widths are believed to be 70 – 90% of intersected widths

Green Gulch Highlights

  • The Green Gulch property is completely surrounded by Kinross Gold Corporation's White Gold Property
  • Work to date includes auger soil sampling, excavator trenching and an airborne magnetometer survey
  • Highest anomalous gold-in-soil values (53, 69 and 84 ppb) occurred as single point anomalies but have yet to be tested by trenching or drilling

Shamrock Highlights

  • The Shamrock property is located ~5km from the northern boundary of the Kinross Gold Corporation's White Gold Property
  • Work to date includes reconnaissance-scale deep auger soil sampling and prospecting
  • Two spot anomalies returned 32 ppb gold and 242 ppm arsenic